The Novels of Brian Christopher
You create a world and it takes on a life of its own - that's how it works.



The Man With The Dorian Complex

Jonathan Headingley is a shy, overweight, balding, middle-aged, boring accountant, and single.

Suddenly he discovers he has the ability to change his appearance to look 20 years younger, and eye-catching.

When he takes to speed dating to find a girlfriend he realises he has bitten off more than he can chew.




The Wild Road Back To Life

- Adventure - Roadie - Funny - Tragic -

A homeless heavy drinking old rock legend is asked to help create a retirement home for old rockers ...

... that was their first mistake!




The Puzzlemaker

A crossword compiler for a national newspaper is asked by an old friend to insert a secret code within the Sunday crossword.

Now, he has to solve it while on the run to save his own life!

Puzzlemaker Trailer

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"The Amsterdam Chronicles"

An NYPD homicide Detective travels to Amsterdam for a 6 month work exchange. Averaging 450 deaths a year compared to only 15 in the Dutch capital, he was prepared for a nice long summer long holiday.

He never thought he would be calling New York for help after 2 weeks.

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Rembrandt's Confession
(Short story)

Rembrandt is famous for his paintings but not many people know about his personal life. After his wife Saskia had died, his life became embroiled in relationships that would shock the world even today.
This short story is about the other side of Rembrandt, that is documented, but few people know of.

He was a great artist, but at the same time - possibly a murderer?

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"The Amsterdam Chronicles" The Hanging
(coming 2024)

Still on sick-leave recovering from a smashed collarbone, NYPD detective Harvey Wall tries to relax and enjoy his stay in Amsterdam. When the body of a man is found in a cocoon styled sack hanging from a winch beam on top of a beautiful 16th century house along one of the canals, the itch to investigate is overpowering, but off bounds. When a second and third body is found shortly after he finally goes back into action. A lack of clues and motive as to how and why test his investigating skills.

Part of 'The Amsterdam Chronicles' series.

"The Visitor"
(coming 2024)

After travelling across the galaxy in his normal fluorescent state, the visitor tries out his new humanoid body to prepare himself for his visit to earth. He learns the different styles of walking, people's mannerisms and tries to imitate the way they talk. After landing in a desolate lake in Russia he does his best to integrate with the human population around him. Unfortunately, the waste from his human form is fluorescent which leaves a trail that comes to the attention of the authorities.
After being hunted in Russia, and then the US, he would like to leave, but is having the best time he has ever had in the galaxy.